driftwood photo holder

5 creative ways to display photos


drift wood picture holder

1. Driftwood holder

This has to be my family’s favourite way to display our photos.  I’ve been hooked on Artifact Uprisings square prints for a while now.  Actually, I totally love their printing services,  I mentioned them in this photo books post too.  The photos are printed on thick, slightly textured card which makes the photos sturdy enough to stand up straight in the wood.  We took an interesting looking piece of drift wood and cut a slit into it using a hand circular saw. Make the slit just long enough for the photo and wide enough to store a few more photos in behind.

What’s fun with this idea is the display keeps changing.  Even our kids’ friends change the prints around as they walk passed the counter.  It also goes nicely with my short attention span, I quickly get tired of photos in a frame.

2. Vintage post-rack

antique letter holder for photos

My daughter found this hanging letter-rack at a second-hand warehouse shop in Amsterdam.  It works perfectly for her, she can easily and quickly slip in her latest photo, postcard and party invitations. You can find similar letter holders at stationery and accessory stores.

antique letter holder for photos

3. Market stall picture frames

Brand new picture frames are often expensive and are not very interesting in design and look. Browse second-hand markets for old picture frames which can be painted to match your colour scheme.  This frame was a scruffy, plain brown colour,  but with a lick of white paint the texture and pattern stand out.

painted wooden picture frame

4. Colour theme

black and white collection photos

In all forms of decorating the easiest trick is to display by colour. These black and white photos have nothing in common besides their colour. Also, the frames are all different, but the common colour brings them all together perfectly.

5. Industrial wire grid

This style works well in my family’s kitchen.  We always have a variety of family life bits and pieces that are displayed quickly and simply.  A good hardware store should be able to sell you a wire grid which can be cut to the required size.

ways to display photos

I’d love to hear how you display photos in your home.  Leave a note in the comments section and if you like I will update this post with your ideas, of course crediting you too 🙂

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