family posing on the pier for a photo shoot

5 Top worries about your family photo session answered.

Before a photo shoot, I get asked the same questions by most families. So, I thought I would help you out with some little tips on what to expect on your family photo session.

We all have the same worries; that our kids won’t behave, our husbands will be unresponsive and grumpy, or we’ll look fat and old in our photographs.  It amazes and delights me that no matter where we’re from,  we all have the same worries and concerns.

Worry No.1: My husband doesn’t really want to do it

fathers playing with their kids for a photoshoot

This is my favourite concern from clients because nearly all my sessions start with the husband telling me that this is their wife’s idea and they really don’t like doing photos. But within a couple of minutes, the husband is having fun, playing with his family, and all his concerns are forgotten. Admittedly, this is always easier when there are children around as children are delighted to be the centre of attention and then the dad feels under less pressure to “pose”.  Also, I feel that in general, men are less self conscious in front of the camera and so are quicker to relax and enjoy the moment without worrying if their upper arms look fat in the shot.

As everyone gets more comfortable in front of the camera I will start to ask Dad to hug Mom a bit closer, to give her a gentle kiss on her cheek. These fun, light-hearted directions continue throughout the shoot, relaxing everyone and building a warm, loving environment which will show in the final images.

Worry No.2: My kids will misbehave

children playing games for photo shoot

I will take care of your children, you don’t have to. I want your children to play and run around. We won’t be asking your kids to smile, they will smile because they’ll be happy.

Children absolutely cannot concentrate for the full hour of your photo shoot and so, I give them plenty of time-off to run around while we concentrate on you, the parents. Even little ones who cry, want a cuddle or are shy we can work around. I love a shot of a little kid, in mom’s arms, snuggled into her. The viewer cannot see if the child is crying or just enjoying a cuddle and it makes for an emotive image.

By the end of your session my aim is that you and your family feel that it was a loving and happy family memory making time. You will have images that help you all re-live and remember the experience for years to come.

Worry No.3: I don’t know what to wear

mother stylishly dressed strolling on the beach with her daughters

For more ideas on this topic I wrote this previous blog post to give you some inspiration.

Wear lots of layers that can be removed and changed during the session to add variety to your look and give different options, such as a hat, summer scarf, or a light jacket. Within your family, mix patterns and matching solid colours in similar tonal colours.

Ladies, be careful of wearing a top that shows too much cleavage (if that makes you uncomfortable), you might be bending down to snuggle your child and don’t want to be distracted from the moment by what you might be showing. Men, wear shorts or long pants that are relaxed enough to allow you to move around freely and to be able to sit on the ground.

But, most of all, look a little bit dashing and special! You want to look a touch more dressed-up than usual. After all, you don’t get family photos taken every day.

Worry No.4: What time of day is best?

couple pose at sunset on the beach

The softest light is during “golden hour,” the hour just before sunset, this is a lovely time to photograph on the beach. In addition, Mauritian beaches are fully exposed to the harsh, hot, bright sun during the day. For families, a late afternoon or evening session is also easier than getting a family up and dressed for an early morning shoot.

For a 60 minute session, we will meet 15 to 30 minutes before the golden hour starts, to give ourselves plenty of time. However, if this time does not suit your family’s itinerary, we can always work around it.

Worry No.5: We won’t know how to pose

family walk down a seaside pier for photos

This is another big “worry,” clients feel that they should have studied the latest instagram posts on “how to look good in front of the camera” before coming to the session. –who’s got time for that!

For my sessions, you will be having way too much fun to worry about posing. I will guide and direct you into different fun movements. With kids, I play lots of games to get them moving. I won’t be asking you to “stand still, pose perfect and look at the camera.”

I hope that eases some of your concerns and prompts you to book that photo shoot. If you have any further questions or worries send me a message I’d be delighted to talk you through it.

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