behind the scenes of a photo session on the beach

Behind the scenes of a photoshoot

This is what it looks like to be on a photoshoot with me – the photos with me in them were taken by my daughter 😉

Memory catching

We all take photos, mostly on our cell phones and feel quite natural and relaxed about being photographed. But, as soon as someone whisks out a “big girl” camera, our self confidence seems to fall by the wayside and we’re all awkward and suddenly don’t know how to behave in front of the camera. Thankfully the style of family photography has moved to a more relaxed look where not everyone needs to be looking at the camera all the time or even to be in every shot. The aim of photos has moved away from documenting who was there, to portraying the emotion of the moment or event. When you look back over old photos it is not that perfect class photo of everyone sitting in a straight row all looking directly at the camera that you love, but the silly ones of you on the back of the school bus on the way home. Perhaps it’s a little bit out of focus, sun is streaming in through one corner of the frame, you and your friends are hugging with hair flowing all over your faces. Those are the ones that bring back great memories. I aim to catch some of these memories for you.

mo and her daughters on a photo shoot on the beach

Step by step guide

As the style of photography has changed, so too has the way a photoshoot happens. Here is detailed guide of how a session will proceed, keeping in mind that with young children and weather, things never go exactly as planned, but at least we have a plan to work towards.

  • We normally start the hour before sunset or as the sunrises. Sunset shoots give that lovely golden glow to the images with the sky changing colour throughout the shoot. For sunrise shoots we get a quick golden glow and then for most of the remaining time, until the sun is too bright to shoot anymore, we have a bright blue sky background.

  • As we are chasing the sun for both sunset and sunrise photo shoots, there is normally no time for an outfit change. Hats, scarves and shoes are normally enough to mix it up. You can read here for more information on what to wear to your photo shoot.

  • For a sunset shoot we usually start in the shade as the sun will still be too bright at the beginning of the golden hour. This could be in the hotel gardens or pool area. Then we move out to the waters edge for the second half the shoot.

  • For sunrise shoots we will catch the sunrise out on the beach before moving back into the shade as the sun climbs higher in the sky.

  • As we get more comfortable with each other we will slowly move to more relaxed style photos. To start off with, I don’t ask anything more from you than to just be together with your family.

We will do a collection of group family photos as well as individual shots. Again this will all be very relaxed, I only ask a child to come in front of the camera once they are ready and comfortable with me. Selma and Liya’s mom had asked me to take some more formal portrait shots of her daughters, which we did, but it is the “out take shots” which I love more than the “correctly” posed ones.

After the shoot

You will receive your images as high resolution files which you will be able to print and share. Once I have uploaded the images, I will send you the link to a Dropbox account. I send as many images back to you as possible, if the photo is good you’ll get it. I can shoot up to 700 images in an hour, but you really don’t want all of these back. A lot are filled with closed eyes, talking mouths or a blurry child jumping up and down in front of you.

I pride myself in taking approximately a week to return your images, but sometimes life gets in the way and my turn around time can be a bit longer, but I will definitely keep you informed.

behind the scenes on a beach photo shoot

I hope this helps and will make you feel more at ease when we next meet on the beach for your photo session.

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