celebrating Dads

Celebrating Fathers

Dads of the world

Today, Sunday 16th of June, Mauritius is celebrating Dads. In our house we won’t be doing anything extra special, maybe spend some time in the surf then back home to cook his favourite lunch to mark the family occasion.

A growing number of my family photo sessions are booked by the Dads of the family. Nearly all men start of by stating they are no good in front of the camera and that they don’t like photos. Really to be honest I have yet to meet a person ,who isn’t a model, who is completely comfortable having their photo taken. But once a session gets underway most men relax quickly and enjoy the moment with their family. For more information on family photo session you can take a look at this blog post

My husband has got used to me taking photos of him and our kids (all the time) and has come to terms with it ( I think) 😉

Thank you to all those Dads who have booked me for their family photos. And thank you to all those Dads out there who recognise the importance of family photos, being in them, taking them and organising them. Cheers to Dads

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