5 gift every mother wants

Five gifts every mother loves.

As a mom, a photographer and someone who loves receiving gifts 😉 I feel pretty well qualified to give you a few tips and ideas for getting that special gift for the special lady in your family. I know we are only February now but time slips away fast and before you know it, it will be Mothers Day.

So here goes….

1. Mother’s Day gift from her husband

– A professional family photo session

This one might sound like a biggie but actually, you pass on all the stress and worry to the photographer. She will co-ordinate and run your photo session for you. Your wife will be delighted; I promise! By the way, definitely don’t make this an, on the actual day, surprise. Even the most relaxed woman wants a chance to look her best before having her photo taken.

Find a photographer in your area or at your next family holiday destination with the photography company Flytographer

2. Mother’s Day gift from her kids

Leave surprise, fun photos of you (her gorgeous kids) on her camera, phone or whatever she uses to take and store her photos.

5 gifts every mother loves

Every now and then my kids do this to me. Then, when I open up my photos or my camera app, I find these great, little surprise pictures of my happy, silly girls.

3. Mother’s Day gift from her grown- up kids

Your mom can never have enough or too many picture frames, simple as that! But, you earn bonus points if you print a picture and put it in the frame. Have a look at my Pinterest board for some creative framing ideas. You can also read this blog post for some creative ways to display photos.

4. Mother’s Day gift from grandparents

Why not dig out some memorable old family photos? If your photos are in a bad condition, search online for a company that will repair the quality and colour of your old photos. A while ago, I found an old photo of my siblings and me, having a sleep over at our grandparents’ house. We had the photo colour corrected, copied and framed so that we could each have our own copy of the picture.

5. Mother’s Day gift from her family

A subscription to an ongoing photo book service, direct from her phone or Instagram account. These accounts are amazing, you sign-up and fill-in all the details once. Then, as soon as there are 60 or so photos stored, they automatically go to the printing company, your little book is printed and sent to you by mail. It’s as easy and straightforward as that! You do get a chance, before it sends, to have a look over the photos and captions, and to decide if anything needs editing.

printed albums

I wrote about these photo books in this blog post if you want to read some more about it.

You’ve still got plenty of time, good luck with your Mother’s Day gift ideas 🙂

Some more present ideas on my Pinterest board if you want to swing by and take a look.

Around the World Mothers Day Dates 2019

United Kingdom-March 30th

Mauritius-May 12th

South Africa-May 12th

USA-May 12th

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