Girls in white dresses in a field with mountain range behind

Tamarin Saltpans- friends photoshoot

In the middle of Tamarin, Black River is an old salt-pan field. (“Man in Mauritius” gives a good description of how it works on his website in this blog post.) One area of it is now protected as an historical area. The other side has been left to grow wild. Nature is slowly taking over the fields with wild grass and flowers.

The shoot was a gift from two of the girls to their friend who was going to be leaving Mauritius for a little while. So we wanted to show a bit of our beautiful island in the photos. When I personally arrived on the island for the first time, I never expected to see so many mountain ranges curved around the coast.

We woke up early on the morning of the shoot and made our way to the salt-pans to witness the sun rising over the mountains. The sky filled with a soft blanket of clouds gave a gentle, feminine, ethereal feeling to the shoot and the day.

Gift voucher

A photoshoot as a gift voucher is such a lovely idea for a farewell gift. Most people, just before they leave, have packed their suitcases full; they’ve sent the rest of their items on ahead and there’s no space for anything more. A photo session includes everyone and records a special time in a special place. And it doesn’t take up any precious packing space.

Dress code

For a photo session your dress-style does not need to be completely matching, like these girls have chosen to do. Although in this case, it adds to the sweetness and innocence of their photos. A general sense of co-ordination of colour or theme is enough to pull a look together. You can read more about “what to wear” on a photo session here

Salt-pan shoot location

A few weeks ago I photographed a young family in another old salt-pan field just out of town. You can view that post here these photos have a completely different feel to them. Showing that we each bring our own vibe to the photo shoot.

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