young husband and wife hug whilst their two daughters run around them in a field of long grass

Black River Mauritius salt-pans family photo-shoot

My friend and fellow photographer Julie Fleurie chose to style her family photos with the beautiful Chamarel mountain range as a backdrop. The wild grass was long and the summer sun was just sinking low in the sky when we set off to take their photos.

The old salt-pan field is an area of land where salt water used to be pumped up from the ocean to higher ground of stone, paved ponds. The water would slowly run down again filling these shallow ponds. The hot tropical sun would dry up the water leaving behind the salt which would be swept up, bagged and sold.

A lot of these fields have been left to grow wild, with their old work barns peeling in the sun and the black stone slowly disappearing under the wild grass. All-in-all it makes for a beautiful location for a family photo-shoot.

Take a look at the clothing colour range that Julie has chosen for her family. They all match but not in an obvious way, it is more the colour hue that connects. Her daughters are prettily dressed but still comfortable and relaxed for them to have fun. Julie’s dress is a little summer slip dress that works just as well when posing with her girls as it does in the romantic photos with her husband. Clothing choice does make a big difference to the overall finished look in your images. For some fresh inspiration, Pinterest has fantastic style boards, you can view my Pinterest style board here and this website lets you follow along with their ideas even if you aren’t a paying client.

There is also an old salt-pan in the middle of Tamarin where I recently did a photo-shoot with 3 teenage girls. I will post those photos soon. That shoot has a spring, country girl feel to it.

For more shoot locations, have a look at this past post I wrote about Mauritian locations.

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