Girls jumps into mauritius waterfall pool

Mauritius Waterfalls

We spent a few weekends away from the beaches looking for something else to do. Up from the coastal area and into the hills of Mauritius we went waterfall hunting on the south of the island.

Cascade Leon

At Cascade Leon, huge tropical plants surround the path as it winds further and further down through the greenery towards the falls. The mosquitos here are intense, flying in swarms around any area of your body not covered in clothing. To the right of the falls is a rope swing where if you’r brave enough you can swing Tarzan like in front of the falling water. There is even a ledge to sit on behind the falls and a “jacuzzi” style rock pool at the top of the falls to wallow in on a hot day.

Eau Bleu

Eau Bleue

Eau Bleu is right next to a steep road on the side of a hill with no sign or indication of the falls. A steep single lane scramble path leads down to the blue water pool. There isn’t really any space to sit or have a picnic just some rocks to perch on before jumping into the water or swinging in on a rope.

Rochester Waterfall

Rochester Falls

At the end of a dirt road through sugar cane fields, once you are sure you’ve definitely taken a wrong turn, is Rochester Waterfall. This spot has been in many a Bollywood film. Amazingly at the bottom of the falls is a small area of water which flows away down the valley in a small stream. How does all that water move away so quickly and calmly? This water is cold, there’s no getting around it, even on a hot tropical island morning! The local fruit seller cuts pineapples into a lollipop style batons, served with salt and chilli sprinkles, it’s the perfect snack while you warm up on the rocks. Follow a path up the side of the falls to the top for a rope assisted river crossing.

River crossing at the top of Rochester Waterfall

Apart from Rochester Waterfall, the falls are not marked or sign posted. The best is to follow Google maps or Instagram location links. When you’re close to the spots, most locals in the area will be able to point you in the right direction. Ideally visit the falls during the week and definitely not on a public holiday as they are very popular picnic spots.

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