family photo shoot on the beach

Ursula Baravalle 12/06/2017

Biggest thank you for the absolutely beautiful images!!!!

We collected the flash disk on Friday and Nick and I had such fun going through the pictures over the weekend. Thank you!!!

They are tooooo beautiful!!!

I hope to see you again soon when we next come to Mauritius xx


family photo shoot mauritius
Marcel Mouw   03/08/2016
Thank you again for the photo’s. I downloaded all the photo’s and they are really great! We already have some photo’s in are living room which I printed from the USB drive you gave us, but now we can even print a lot more.
first birthday photo shoot on the beach in mauritius

Bavisha Ganesh


Thanks so much.
 Jay and I have agreed to do a family photo shoot every 5 years at least, and hopefully come back to Mauritius to do it every-time 🙂
take care
 Mauritian family portraits

Guillaume Brionne  31/03/2017


It was a beautiful meeting, you are a beautiful person, it’s seen immediately.
Maybe we will meet again, maybe not, but if you go through our area, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks a lot for your great job you did, we are very satisfied with your work, we absolutely do not regret having entrusted you with this work.
We would be delighted to make your promotion around us, so thank you for letting us know if you accept that we communicate your contact details to our knowledge.
It would be a pleasure of seeing you again may be one day,
see you soon maybe, encore merci pour tout, c’est de l’excellent travail ! Bravo.Guillaume