favourite photo location in Mauritius

The most beautiful locations for portrait photography in Mauritius

It was hard to do, but I have come up with my five favourite locations for portrait photos in Mauritius. I am crazy about all of them, each one is as beautiful as the next and each has its own special atmosphere.

When deciding on where you would like to have your photos taken you need to take a few things into consideration. Sunset beach photos sound amazing and are the obvious choice for your island holiday photos but, during the mid summer months especially on the east coast of Mauritius, it can be incredibly hot and bright on the beach at sunset. Therefore it might be a better idea to choose a covered location protected from the sun, under the trees or in your hotel’s beautiful gardens.

So, on to my choices…

1. Le Prairie Beach

Le Prairie beach is my newest favourite location. The beach is just south of Le Morne village and provides a stunning view of the back of Le Morne mountain. The sunsets seen from here over the little bay are magnificent with nothing to block your view.

2. Trees on the beach

Further south, down the coastal road from Le Prairie beach, there is a little forest along the shore line. At the “forest” on the beach I can take gorgeous, soft photos under the trees and then move out from under the leafy canopy to the whites sands of the beach. Here, we can often get colourful kite-surfers in the background of the photos. It’s a beautiful, long beach with little waves lapping up onto the sand. I like having the trees in the images in addition to the blue skies and sea.

favourite spots for family photos

3. Any pier

Nearly all the hotels have a pier that stretches out in to the sea. Whether I’m taking romantic pictures of a couple at sunset or fun pictures of kids skipping along at midday, these piers provide a magical location at any time of the day. Take a look at these two posts of fun photo sessions using hotel piers as the location.

favourite Mauritian photo locations

4. Le Morne beach

I love Le Morne beach. This is truly my favourite spot on the island. The water here is an incredible, torquoise blue with clean, white sand. However, as it is literally at the foot of Le Morne mountain, it is not the best location if you were hoping to get the famous mountain in your photos, Le Preneuse beach is better suited for that.

favourite photo location in Mauritius

5. Brightly coloured walls

Mauritians love colourful walls, corner shops and houses. I can pretty much find any backdrop colour to suit my latest shoot idea. Follow this link to see some fun photos from a family photo session that included great, funky backgrounds.

favourite photo locations in Mauritius

Depending on where you are on the island, you can get one or more of these ideal spots into your photo session. Happy location hunting 🙂