that one photo every mother should have

The ONE photo every mom must have

I first started writing this blog post as the “three must-have photos for every mother” but once I actually got down to deciding on the photos, I couldn’t get passed the number one photo. That one photo of your child with their front teeth missing or when their big teeth start to grow and their smile is all slightly wonky teeth. It’s such a special age and a unique time – they will never have a smile like that again (Or not until they are 90 years old anyway). And so, the post got changed to that one special photo all moms should have.

that one photo every mom must have

I looked through our family photos and couldn’t find any of our first daughter’s missing tooth grin. I have no excuse as to why not, I guess life was just busy. I did find these pictures of our second daughter, Lily’s, gapped tooth smile from a few years ago.

It’s a special time for the kids as it’s a big milestone for them, to lose those milk teeth and be on their way to being a big kid.

that one photo every mom must have

So who visits your house to collect the milk teeth, a tooth mouse or a tooth fairy?

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