family photos posing guide

This is not normal behaviour

-for a photoshoot, that is ; )

Behaviour like this is not usual in front of the camera

Do you look at family photos like this and think “aaah I wish my husband kissed me gently on the cheek like that for photos? I wish my children laughed adorably whilst holding my hand when we take photos of them”

A photographer’s secret

This is a photographer’s secret; no family naturally behaves like that in front of the camera. Part of my job as a family photographer is to direct and help you into seemingly natural poses. For example, we don’t normally stand super close to each other but, in photography posing one of the biggest tips is to close the gaps between people. What looks small in real life looks like a huge chasm in a photo.

how to pose for family photos

Family photographers

A lot of my continuing research and training as a photographer is to do with how to pose, direct and relax families in front of my camera. It’s the small gestures that make a big difference. The loving parent’s hand ruffling the child’s hair, Dad’s hand lovingly around Mom’s waist, her hand softly on the side of his face, you get the idea. For most of us, this type of behaviour doesn’t come naturally while at the same time trying to look our best in front of the camera. This is where a good family photographer comes into play.

Different photographers are comfortable with different types of people. On a recent photographer’s workshop trip, I met a successful New York photographer who works predominately with models. He seriously intimidated me with his skill and experience. However, he admitted that as a photographer, he is completely intimidated by children, he doesn’t know what to do with them or how to speak to them and so avoids photographing them as much as possible. I couldn’t believe it, this successful New York photographer nervous of children!

how to pose for family photographs

So it’s ok for you not to know how to pose in front of the camera that’s what family photographers are here for, to guide you through it.

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