how to dress for summer photo shoot

What to wear to your family photoshoot

You’ve persuaded your family to do a family photoshoot but now your next hurdle is to get them to wear what you have in mind for the afternoon. I know most families worry about this, with this post I’m hoping to make you feel more at ease with your family‚Äôs wardrobe choice.

As family portrait photography style is moving to a more relaxed lifestyle feel so is the way everyone is dressed. I don’t give my clients many instructions on how they should dress, apart from being comfortable and happy in their clothing. A little bit of co-ordination helps to bring the image together but it doesn’t need to be a lot in fact, less is often more when it comes to co-ordination.

For the beach you have two options:  relaxed, summer clothing for example, shorts and floral dresses. (For more images from this couple‚Äôs photo shoot you can take a look at this blog post)

relaxed beach dress style

or formal summer outfits, minus shoes.

summer smart style for the beach

I like both looks.

A flowing, summer dress looks beautiful blowing in the breeze and so do funky, bright, primary colours against a big, blue sky backdrop. It depends on how you feel most comfortable and what suits your family’s style.

It helps to think what your background colours will be. Will you be posing  with big blue skies behind you?

bright primary coloured clothes for photo shoot

Or with tropical greenery, green trees and bushes around you. Bright primary colours stand out fantastically against a summer, blue sky, whilst gentle, pastel colours look calming and romantic with soft, beige, beach sand.

(For more images from this family’s photo shoot you can take a look at this blog post)

relaxed summer style for beach shoot

Relaxed summer style

how to dress for a beach photo shoot(For more images from this couple’s photo shoot you can take a look at this blog post)


relaxed summer dress stylerelaxed summer dress style for photos(For more images from this family’s photo shoot you can take a look at this blog post)


Bare-feet formal style

what to wear for beach shoot

relaxed summer beach dress

Most importantly be sure you and your family are happy and comfortable in your clothes. A child that is irritated by an uncomfortable shirt or a hot dress is not going to be patient for long nor will it be a fun time and this will be reflected in the pictures.   Check your bra straps don’t fall off your shoulder or peak out of clothing. I do check for these things during a shoot but it helps to have it out of the way to start with. Another little thing which just turns into an eye sore in an image is hair bands on your wrist. We all do it, store a band on our wrist for when the wind picks up and blows our hair about. But, a black band around our wrist is not a good look. Lastly, definitely no phones and keys in pockets, that just looks unsightly.

For some more ideas you can take a browse through my Pinterest board.

But really, the best advice I can give, is be you, be comfortable and have fun.



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