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Why printed albums are the way to go to preserve your photos and memories.

I have just received our annual, family, printed album from Artifact Uprising. I cannot rave about these photo albums enough. ¬†(I know it’s nearly the end of 2018 and I’ve only just done my 2017 album but I’ll explain more about that later). This is not a promotional post. ¬†I just really wanted to share with you how fantastic these printed albums are for your family’s memories.

printd albums

We adore getting these albums. I tell myself it’s for the family, but really I think I get the greatest joy out of them. Since I was a little girl I have always made some sort of scrapbook. I even made one for when Princess Diana got married, yes I know, those were the days! Then I moved on to photo albums with black paper and self-adhesive photo corners. Of course, the photos fell out and got lost. I even tried those photo albums with sticky pages but as time went on the stickiness got less sticky and the photos also fell out.

Printed albums

These problems do not occur with printed albums and the photos are printed by printing specialist. No dodgy, corner store photo printing jobs. You upload your images directly from your computer or smartphone.

printed albums

What to include in your printed album

Sometimes you just need one photo to depict a whole event. As the years have gone by and we have got used to my photo album making, the kids now also have a few wishes and requests for me to include. This year they asked if I could include a few words or descriptions about the photos. Sometimes it can be a funny saying or word that has a connection for us to the event or day pictured. I have even included a few photos of special artwork made that year. ¬†It’s impossible to keep all the art projects that come home from school, but a photo record of it works well. One year Lily’s artwork, depicting us as a family, was so funny and cute that I used that as our ¬†album cover image. ¬†Actually,¬†Doodlenest¬†printing company specialises in doing exactly that, photographing and organising your child’s artwork into a photo album. You just box up the artwork and send it off to them, they do the rest.

printed album

To save money, I also get my whole book ready to send and then wait for the printing company to advertise a discount or special price. Sometimes these can be quite good discounts and that is why I have only just received my book for 2017!

No matter which printing company you decide to go with, the book making process is really simple. It’s basically a drag and drop process.

The most important trick

Don’t be too fussy or a perfectionist with your book otherwise you will never start or finish. I cannot stress this enough. If I come across a photo I am not 100% happy with and then stop and start adjusting it in Lightroom, it is just a downward spiral and an afternoon is gone over one image. Your family won’t notice if the photo / layout / colour / text is not exactly correct, but they will notice if they don’t have an album to look back on.

Instagram printed albums

For instagram books (another style of photo books that I truly love) the process is even easier. You do all the “fiddly” stuff once; the postal address, bank details, size of the book and how many pages. Then, over the next few days and weeks, the book makes itself. Once the book is full, the printer send a heads-up email. ¬†You take one last look over your photos and captions, you delete, add or edit as you wish and then the book is printed and sent to you. The process then starts again until your next book is full. These are great, fun, little books capturing our day-to-day lives. I use¬†Chatbooks, but many other printing companies make them as well. My collection of photo books is growing, the little square books in the photo below, are my Instagram albums.

printed album

printed albums

Whether you upload your photos from your smartphone, laptop or desktop I really encourage you to go ahead and make one. It’s definitely a case of once you start you won’t know why you didn’t make these ages ago.

Have fun


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